Cybersecurity Insiders recently released its 2019 Cloud Security report based on a comprehensive online survey of cybersecurity professionals conducted in March 2019. 

According to the survey, the biggest cloud security challenges that businesses face are data loss / leakage (64 percent) and data privacy / confidentiality (62 percent), followed by legal and regulatory compliance (39 percent) and accidental exposure of credentials (39 percent). The biggest cloud security threats are unauthorized access (42 percent), insecure interfaces / APIs (42 percent) and misconfiguration of the cloud platform (40 percent). Among operational security issues, compliance was rated the most challenging (34 percent), followed by visibility into infrastructure security (33 percent) and lack of qualified staff (31 percent). 

When asked about the most important drivers of cloud-based security solutions, a majority of the respondents selected cost savings, faster time to deployment and better performance as the top three deciding factors in switching to cloud security. On the other hand, staff expertise / training (41 percent), budget (40 percent) and data privacy (38 percent) were picked as the top three barriers to cloud security adoption. Interestingly, cost concerns were seen both as a contributing factor in organizations opting for a cloud-based security solution and as a barrier to cloud security adoption. 

Finally, in response to a question about how to handle changing security needs, 51 percent respondents selected training and certifying existing staff as their primary tactic, while 45 percent said they used native cloud provider security tools. Overall, 84 percent of the organizations surveyed said they were at least moderately confident in their cloud posture. 

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