Active Directory Security Assessment

The foremost threat companies are fronting is the data attackers are using Active Directory configurations to identify intervention routes and obtain privileged credentials so they can strongly embed themselves into victim networks.

Companies usually find a problem in creating a balance between the current and latest security enhancements of Active Directory. The configuration management part is another challenge on their road step.

By using EthicalHat’s effective methodology, companies can intensify their Active Directory security presence and shield against incidents that misuse general vulnerabilities in an Active Directory environment.

Active Directory Security Advantages

  • Configuration Visibility

    We first concentrate on the current state of an organization’s Active Directory Environment.

  • Identification of Attacks

    Finding effective attack vectors and the plan to detect, mitigate, and prevent them.

  • Minimal Impact

    Best practices have been customized with the business process to reduce the harmful impact.

  • Report on Remediation

    We outline all the identified issues along with the mitigation procedure to be followed to develop a plan of action.

  • Tailored Recommendations

    The guidance focused on influenced by existing technology investments to enhance the company security posture.

Key Assessment Areas

In the security application process, various areas of the active directory undergo the assessment procedure. These components are:

  • Forest and domain configuration

  • Conduct domain controller management review
  • Active Directory trust configuration and security
  • Active Directory administration groups
  • Custom security groups
  • Enumerate Active Directory organizational unit

What We Offer

After the assessment, the team creates a report based on the identification and recommends an effective security plan. During the assessment period, top security concerns have been noted and explained the best way to the clients to mitigate and prevent the issues. The major things with which we facilitate our clients are:

  1. Broad security recommendations are provided based on Windows System Auditing
  2. Security suggestions are given based on Domain Controller Auditing
  3. Guidelines are given of best modes to follow with current technologies and operational processes for Active Directory Security
  4. Guide to harden Active Directory and mitigations

We service our clients with the best security services. To know more about Active Directory Security Assessment Services, email us at or call us at +1-844-838-4422

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