Application Security

EthicalHat offers wide-ranging application security services that cover a host of application types including web, mobile, and cloud-based applications. Our services include:

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

As part of our Static Application Security Testing (SAST) or white box testing service, we use specialized SAST tools to scan your app’s source code for vulnerabilities. We recommend signing up for white box testing during the initial phases of your software development life cycle so you can find flaws in the application’s source code when implementing code fixes is relatively straightforward.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) or black box testing involves scanning web applications for security vulnerabilities as an external attacker would. Unlike SAST tools, DAST tools do not have access to the application’s source code. We recommend deploying DAST tools at different stages of production so you can address security vulnerabilities before malicious actors have the opportunity to exploit them.

Application Penetration Testing

Application Penetration testing or “ethical hacking” is similar to DAST in that it involves simulating attacks on web applications like a hacker would to find and remediate security loopholes. Our application security team uses both manual and automated testing methods and tools to try to break into an app and spot weaknesses in each of its component parts. We follow OWASP’s best practices for Application Penetration Testing and put together a comprehensive test report at the end of the process to help you harden your applications against attacks.

API Security

The reason API security is important is that APIs are often the easiest access point for hackers to carry out attacks and steal critical data. Our API security service covers both APIs that you own and third-party APIs that you may use to run your applications. As part of the service, we identify security flaws in your APIs, make sure you are using encryption and signatures, check your API gateway, and review your API management (API key, basic authentication and OpenID Connect or OIDC).

Web Application Scanning

We also provide web application scanning services that involve scanning your web applications against OWASP’s top ten web app security risks and other security standards. We can either provide a fully managed service or use the software that you already have in place to run the scans in alignment with your SDLC. The service scales across your CI/CD pipeline and integrates with your TechDevOps environment.

To find out more about our Application Security Service, email us at [email protected] or call us at +1-844-838-4422

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