What do you do when you hear about a large-scale data breach?

Survey finds that 56 percent of Americans have never checked to see they were ever data-breach victims According to a survey conducted by Lexington Law, most Americans either do not know what to do when they become aware of serious data breaches in the country or don’t care enough to check if

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  • Micros Retail Compromise

Are Merchants Using Oracle’s Micros Retail POS Systems at Risk?

The Board is looking to the CIO for constant business transformation, in order to meet the market needs. Most CIOs get lost while satisfying business requirements, and are not able to focus on Security. That is one of the main reasons why Retailers are constantly getting hacked, day after day. PCI can

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Lessons Learned From the Bank of Bangladesh

Security people also have to be “light on their feet” and “think outside of the box,” because the hacks keep coming, and the hackers are always finding new ways to affect your systems. One can never say that a hacker has found unintended consequences when going after users, because they are always

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