Cyber Attack Trends 2019 – Check Point Research

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Cyber Attack Trends 2019

Check Point Research released its 2019 mid-year report on Cyber Attack Trends last month. The report puts targeted ransomware attacks at the top of its list of dominant ongoing trends in 2019. Cryptomining attacks, on the other hand, have declined considerably over the past year, with only 21 percent organizations affected by cryptominers’ attacks this year, compared to 42 percent in 2018. 

EthicalHatCyber Attack Trends 2019 – Check Point Research
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Security in the Cloud – Introduction

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Service and Deployment Models, Challenges and Security Principles

Most businesses think of cloud services as being either less secure than on-site services because they expose sensitive data to a wider range of possible attacks or breaches, or more secure because “everything” is taken care of by the cloud provider. The fact, however, is that cloud computing comes with security challenges that are different from but not necessarily more or less serious than what a business would face in an on-premises environment. Whatever security issues there are in the cloud model are due more to users’ inability to adapt quickly to the new threat environment and address security needs specific to the cloud than to any inherent weaknesses and security loopholes in the model itself. In most cases, the learning curve that organizations need to go through before attaining a secure state on the cloud is a bigger challenge than developing technology to address security concerns.

EthicalHatSecurity in the Cloud – Introduction
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CIS CSAT – A web-based tool to track your implementation of CIS Controls

CIS CSAT Dashboard

CIS CSAT is a free web-based tool that allows organizations to assess their cybersecurity strategy and infrastructure against the Center for Internet Security’s 20 Critical Controls. The tool was developed for CIS by EthicalHat Cyber Security, and is based on AuditScripts’ popular CIS Controls Manual Assessment spreadsheet. It helps businesses easily track their documentation, implementation, automation and reporting of CIS Controls, and compare their own security performance with the industry average.

EthicalHatCIS CSAT – A web-based tool to track your implementation of CIS Controls
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