Cloud Native Infrastructure Security

Keep your Softwares safe with Cloud-Native Enterprise Security

In today’s era, applications are the foremost thing on the web. There is an application for your every need. Open-Source software is integrated using many of the systems that help these applications to work efficiently, thus, being hosted on the cloud. Keeping such software safe is the principal affair of security specialists. Hence you need a perfect security system to keep these applications secure.

Cloud-Native Architecture

The modern practice includes the hosting of web applications on the cloud. It supports running the software without the scope of failure. Deploying the app on the cloud is effective. Cloud-native architecture is the design for web apps that makes it more simplified. 

    Five Principles of Cloud Native Architecture

    • Design for Automation

      Automation is the best practice for software systems. It is easier to automate the infrastructure as well as the design of the application in the cloud.

    • Plan the State Smartly

      It’s important to plan the architecture wisely by considering the state components. It’s good to design components to be stateless to make architecting more manageable.

    • Managed Services

      Just not the infrastructure, cloud also provides the managed services to the users. Managed services can usually protect the business hugely in time and operational overhead.

    • Defense-in-depth

      Cloud-native architectures majorly deals with the external attacks due to the internet-facing services. Therefore, the defense-in-depth approach is essential. Authenticating every component of the application helps to refrain from data breaches.

    • Keep Architecting

      As a cloud-native architect, you should always seek the loops to refine architecture and make it more simplified and refined. It makes the organization unable to respond to new threats.

    What is Cloud-Native Enterprise Security?

    A perfect approach to enterprise security is called cloud-native security. It is not practicable to implement security to entire web applications on the source level. Applying a security approach to different components keeps the application secure and reduces the risk of breaches. 

    It is almost impossible to provide safety with poor security standards in Cloud, Containers, and Code by only addressing security at the code level. However, when these areas are dealt with appropriately, then adding security to your code expands an already powerful base. 

    The cloud-native security revolves around three principles.

    1. Repair – As soon as the updates are available, repair the software.
    2. Repave – Often repair server and applications.
    3. Rotate – Frequently rotate the credentials of users. 

    These are known as the 3 “R’s” of security: repair, repave, and rotate.

    How does Cloud-Native Enterprise Security Help?

    Cloud-native security infrastructure helps us to create a secure environment for our web applications by adding the security measures at components level. The objective of opting for this approach is making the software secure and managed. The key benefits of using it as follows:

    • Zero-trust security with service-to-service communication verified, and no implicit trust for services in the environment.

    • More extensive resource utilization, reuse, and sharing, including IPs and hardware.

    • Service-based identification.

    • Services can run anywhere in the environment, including hybrid deployments across the public cloud and private data centers.
    • Shared security requirements integrated into service stacks following a centralized enforcement policy.
    • Security conditions applied consistently to all services.
    • Centralized view of security policies and adherence to policies.
    • Standardized build and rollout process with more frequent changes to individual microservices.
    • Bin-packed workloads and their methods run in a shared operating system, requiring a mechanism to isolate workloads.

    At EthicalHat, an expert team of cloud security engineers who are always ready to help. The team follows the efficient ways to secure your web application. We understand your needs and serve with the best to our clients.

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