DDos Simulation

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack disrupts the smooth functioning of an internet-connected host by flooding it with illegitimate requests via botnets or other means and causing it to crash or slow down significantly. It’s a relatively straightforward attack to carry out and, if initiated successfully, almost always leads to revenue and reputation losses for the business concerned. 

EthicalHat’s DDoS Simulation service is designed to simulate a variety of DDoS attacks to test an organization’s security posture and ability to withstand and deal with such attacks. The service can be customised according to your business and security needs, and will ultimately help you strengthen your defenses against actual DDoS attacks. 

Our Process

Our security engineers have several years of experience in successfully preventing and dealing with DDoS attacks. As part of the simulation process, our team will carry out a combination of DDoS attacks on either your network or your application(s) in a controlled manner to evaluate your current defense capabilities.


We will start with understanding your existing IT security infrastructure and the critical assets you need to protect. We sit with both your IT and business teams to get a sense of business priorities and your IT environment. We use this information to make a decision on which attack types you may be most vulnerable to and come up with the right combination of attacks to simulate.


Step 2 is when we actually implement the attacks we zeroed in on in Step 1. All our DDoS simulation attacks are carried out in a controlled manner, with prior information about the simulation sent to all parties affected (your ISP and hosting company if necessary, your IT, dev and business teams, other stakeholders, etc.). We use white hat techniques to identify vulnerabilities in your security set up by creating some common attack scenarios such as – 

  • Excessive load on the network bandwidth
  • Depletion of available memory
  • CPU exhaustion
  • Consumption of storage
  • Connection table flooding

Analysis Report

After the attack is successfully implemented, we prepare a comprehensive report detailing the weaknesses detected in your IT security setup, remediation measures to mitigate these weaknesses, and recommendations for improving your cybersecurity strategy as it relates to DDoS-attack prevention

To find out more about our DDOS Simultation, email us at [email protected] or call us at +1-844-838-4422

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