Digital Forensics & Incident Response Services

Instant handling of Cyber Forensic Matters, from identification & performing safety measures

What is Digital Forensic?

In today’s world, data breaches are a big threat to companies with an online presence. Such identity thefts are an epidemic for industries and organizations. Digital Forensic is a process to keep cyber evidence secure and to be used by the law further for cybercrime. It gives an ability to find evidence for cybercrime from various Digital Media devices such as computers or mobile.

Types of Digital Evidences

Email Messages

Text Message

Instant Message Files

Documents Extracted from Hard Drives

Electronic Financial Transactions

Audio & Video Files

At EthicalHat, we do understand such cyber forensic matters and facilitate services to the clients for securing their businesses from cyber thefts.

Cyber Incident Response

Every company, be it a small-sized company or a large company, needs a cybersecurity plan. Any organization can go through the data breach and it is critical to act immediately with a proper action plan. An active incident response plan is crucial at such stages. 

On being informed about a data breach at first, we first concentrate on its confirmation. After confirming the occurrence of a Cyber Incident, the team of security experts focuses on gathering information about data sources that have been attacked. Then the team finds the data that has been disengaged from the organization to understand the risks. Through the extensive services and the team of computer forensic experts, EthicalHat can examine the reasons behind a cyberattack and can provide clients with prompt reports. Thus, aid your company with the right guidance about the threats and improvements.

The Process

Preparation for Handling Incidents

This involves developing a team of Forensic Officers, Team Leaders, and Managers with a precise explanation of their roles and responsibilities. The team is well qualified forensic specialists and has been prepared to manage security incidents efficiently.

Identification, Monitoring, and Reporting 

This step procures an incident report on the security threats and on the data which has been attacked. It is critical to know what data has been targeted in the threat. That’s the foremost area to concentrate upon.

Assessment & Mitigation 

In this move, we identify the incidents to determine the relevant next actions for mitigating the risk. There are the following types of Risk Mitigation.

Accept the risk

The risk can also be accepted based on its occurrence. There are incidents that do not put an influential impact on security measures because they rarely happen. So, the companies do not like to invest a lot in such incidents.

Avoid the risk

Avoiding the completely opposite of accepting it. This consists of taking relative measures to avoid the probability of threats.

Reduce the risk

This usually includes a bit of risk acceptance and a bit of risk avoidance. Thus, one is able to reduce the risk of being breached. A perfect strategy is always needed to be applied here and our team is a master in that.

Responding to the Incident 

This is an imperative measure to take in Security Incident Management. At first, information related to the incident is gathered, then the team focuses on the identification of incidents. After the diagnosis of the attacked data, we work on the safety measures.


The final step includes the documentation of essential takeaways. Every incident will be documented based on its learnings. Rapid reports are prepared and provided to the client. These reports have information about the data threats, data that has been disengaged from the organization, and risk measures. We also assist the companies for further risk management planning.

We cater to the needs of our clients by giving them complete guidance about the attack and the various methods for the risk alleviation. EthicalHat’s incident response experts are always ready to help globally.

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    EthicalHat Brings the Difference

    Our Cyber Security team of experts offers the industry the best services. We understand the complete requirements and plan the best methodology for the clients. We bring the difference in our services based on:

    • Forensic Specialists

      EthicalHat has a team of security experts. With years of knowledge, they analyze the threats and deliver the best guidance to the clients.

    • Industry centered

      With years of industry expertise, we own an in-depth understanding of diverse sectors. Thus, act intimately with the clients.

    • Global reach

      The huge team at EthicalHat can serve customers worldwide. We have assembled a team of Digital Forensic experts who can plan the best solutions for your threat issue.

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