Docker Security Audit

Our audit services makes your docker container security simpler and manageable.

What is a Docker Container?

Earlier organizations deploy their applications on virtual machines. But with the invention of Docker Containers and their usage, these organizations can avail certain worthy advantages to their applications. The portability feature of the Docker Containers does improve software development, application deployment, and business agility. 

Other than the above, these containers do provide certain other benefits to the businesses such as:

  1. The containers are small in size and lightweight
  2. The runtime of the docker containers is less
  3. Easily shared via Dockerhub or private repository
  4. Software delivery cycles are expedited
  5. Allows quick and easy application portability

Above are the few advantages of using Docker Containers. With its usage, the process of development gets more manageable. But, this also comes with specific security challenges. Maintaining the security of Docker containers is a complicated process due to its large number of containers and many more moving parts.

    Security Challanges

    Some of the hurdles that frequently occur while maintaining the security of the Docker Containers are:

    Benefits of the Docker Security Audit

    It is required to plan and manage security in an efficient way to save organizations from data compromises. We help businesses by favoring them with a Docker Container Security Audit process to make the security process simpler. EthicalHat also runs the periodic checks with system updates.

    Runtime Security

    We focus on knowing the composition of your containers during runtime as well as build time. This helps us to create a secure runtime policy, that further helps in defining the relevant response actions during runtime to trigger immediate alerts and remedies, on the detection of unusual behavior.

    Image Authenticity

    The images inside the container, if vulnerable, can cause damage across the entire enterprise. Our team runs the audit to find out which images are causing the damage and guides the client with relevant recommendations on how to make them secure.

    Managing Sensitive Data

    Secret in the containers has sensitive data and information related to users and passwords. Finding leakages in the security of an container is an imperative part of the security audit. We assist all type of businesses with imperative methods to keep these secrets secure with data encryption.

    Activity Monitoring

    The monitoring of the system is necessary to identify attacks and send alerts. This can be even beneficial for implementing fixes and enhancing security. The periodic check of the review log generated by containers by the team helps to stay prepared for the attacks.

    Need Immediate Assistance?

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