Financial Fraud Risk Assessment

Specific security techniques for Risk Analysis & Fraud Scenarios to detect suspicious activities


In today’s global marketplace, financial frauds are decreasing revenues. The U.S. organization is dropping business because of the hoax. There is a need to set up the resources and a proper risk management plan. Knowing the companies vulnerabilities and developing a proper system can help to defraud them.

Transaction Analysis

A specific technique is needed to analyze transaction dumps. There is a need for data models, and fraud scenarios to be developed to find suspicious activities. Fraud prevention is a good start but every company needs a good fraud risk management plan to deal with such anomalies. The experienced team at EthicalHat does the job efficiently with effective tools and by working with the audit team. We also serve the client with functions for fraud analysis.

Risk Analysis & Fraud Scenarios

The proper statement for defining fraud is purposely deceiving a company that consumes the value from it. The following points define a fraud:

  • Payments made for duplicate invoices
  • Forgotten or understated receivables, double credit notes, etc.
  • False, extended, or copied payables
  • Changes in cash and bank transactions harmful to the company
  • Hacking into the ERP or accounting systems and convert the data
  • Control insufficiency which could end in monetary loss

The Key Objective

The main focus is on three things: prevention, detection, and response. Our goal is to quickly investigate the shortcomings of the system and reduce critical programs. Our Fraud Risk Management experts help you to evaluate and mitigate the risk of fraud. We support companies to fight against the fraud at every level and help them by organizing governing, training and monitoring programs.

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