Google Cloud Platform Security Audit

Our Security Audit methodology keeps the applications on Google’s Cloud Security Platforms secure.

EthicalHat offers Security Audit services designed specifically for applications and services running on Google’s Cloud Security Platform (GCP). We help organizations strengthen their cloud security posture by closely examining their application(s)’ configuration, network traffic, database security, and threat vectors, and correlating the data thus gleaned to spot security weaknesses in their GCP application architecture. 

Applications with complex architecture and a wide user base are particularly susceptible to cyber attacks. Even with all of GCP’s native security features, organizations managing their GCP application’s security in-house are likely to miss vulnerabilities that need close examination and correlation of multiple factors to detect. 

Our GCP Security Audit team can help you spot vulnerabilities and security loopholes in your GCP-hosted application(s) by looking at and analyzing your security infrastructure and designing a remediation plan to address these vulnerabilities. The audit report prepared at the end of the audit process contains not just detailed information about individual vulnerabilities but also suggestions for you to modify deployment and configuration settings to make your application(s) more secure. 

The audit covers services and apps running on (1) Google Cloud Anthos, (2) Google Cloud Run, and (3) Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and can be tailored to your specific needs.

To find out more about our Google Cloud Platform Security Audit Service, email us at or call us at +1-844-838-4422

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