IT Security Reseller – Product

Become our Value Added Resellers (VAR) as we provide extensive security solutions to our global clients around the world. We offer IT security and infrastructure technologies ranging from security solution design to implementation. We have created a niche in provide our clients full product support including installation, configuration and compliance management.

Our current specials in product solutions include Micros-Retail Xstore Point of Sale Application. Ethical Hat provides customized service which is designed to address these concerns and also give a snapshot of how well Xstore applications are installed and secured. Ethical Hat will provide a customized solution to ensure your end to end compliance and security. EthicalHat supports the most current versions of Xstore suite (such as version 6.0) and also extends support for older versions (such as 5.5/ 5.0/4.8/4.5/3.5) which have been implemented by majority of the industry.

Partner with us and become a part of an elite security solution.