Kubernetes Security Audit

Security Audit of your Kubernetes managed containerized applications

What is Kubernetes?

It is a system to efficiently manage Docker-based containerized applications across virtual machines (VMs). It facilitates an organization to get the most from the containers to build cloud-native applications with an efficient model for the development. The open-source container carries the manual processes of deploying and scaling.

Industry’s most skilled tech team has brain-powered this open-source project. It is enriched by many built-in security features, which makes it tough for the attacker to compromise the data. With effective security policies, it is extensively used to manage the process in-between VMs and containerized cloud applications. 

    Our Process

    Network inspection

    A network connection serves as the entrance for any attacker. It provides the opportunity to attack and catch data-stealing activity. So, our team analysis your network to find the security loop and points where strengthening is required.

    Container Monitoring

    During the process, our expert auditors monitor the application or system to detect exploitation. It helps to determine the vulnerabilities issues that can break out the container and can lead to data compromises. We guide our clients with accessible ways to secure their data and refrain themselves from security breaches.

    Host Security

    While running the Kubernetes Security Audit, we use the traditional host process to detect exploits against the kernel or system resources. Though, host security mechanisms must also be Kubernetes and container aware to ensure sufficient coverage.

    Why do you need the Kubernetes Security Audit?

    With the extensive adaptation of the Kubernetes, it is also essential to maintain its security to avoid data breaches. While maintaining the security of Kubernetes, below are the challenges that occur:


    With the usage of numerous containers, the formulation of a security blind spot increases the attack surfaces.

    Image Registry

    Often, you can’t guarantee that the images are pulled only from the whitelist image registries.

    Conversational Containers

    If a container faces a breach, there is always the risk of compromise to other containers that are in conversation with the breached container.

    Least Secure Setting

    Kubernetes helps to speed up application development but doesn’t detach the components to hold their conversation and make them secure.

    Compliance Challenges

    The model also acquaints hurdles in complying with internal policies, best practices, and external policy frameworks.

    Security Challenges

    Compromised containers always come up with known and new runtime security challenges through malicious processes.

    Need Immediate Assistance?

    To find out more about our Kubernetes Security Audit Service, email us at info@ethicalhat.com or call us at +1-844-838-4422

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