Managed Security Services

Our Team Of Experts Is Monitoring Your Company’s Security 24*7.

EthicalHat offers round-the-clock, real-time security monitoring solutions at its Network Operations and Security Operations Centers in Gurgaon, India. Our NOC and SOC Centers are managed by certified and experienced security practitioners and analysts who monitor your IT environment 24X7X365. We use the latest in threat detection and incident response technology to prevent intrusions and major security incidents and deal quickly with cyberattacks when they do occur.

Our current Managed Services include, but are not limited to:

Network Security

  • Identification and classification of all network-connected endpoints
  • Network segmentation
  • Network access management
  • Firewalls to block malicious traffic
  • Use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to create a secure tunnel through the internet

Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM)

  • The best available SIEM tools to aggregate, classify and analyze log data
  • Monitoring, analysis, and prevention of security incidents in your IT environment.
  • Compliance management using advanced SIEM tool features

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

  • FIM software to monitor unauthorized changes in files
  • Ensuring you are meeting PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance requirements with regard to FIM

Mobile Device Management

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments – Internal and External

  • Determining the scope of your threat assessment
  • Collection of data via documents available and interviews
  • Review of relevant policies and compliance requirements
  • Use of automation tools to identify vulnerabilities in your systems and eliminate false positives
  • Determining the level of risk that may be acceptable to your organization and whether the safeguards that are in place need upgradation

Penetration Testing

  • Black Box, White Box and Grey Box testing to identify significant attack vectors, assets that are at risk, and vulnerabilities not easily detected by other tools
  • Preparing a set of recommendations to harden your systems and network against attacks

Web Application Security Scanning

  • Scanning your web apps against OWASP and other important cybersecurity standards
  • Eliminating false-positive results
  • Scalable, customizable service that can be tailored to your SDLC and existing software

Incident Response and Forensic Service

  • Identification and containment of security incidents
  • Quick resolution and recovery of affected systems to reduce business downtime
  • Careful documentation of the steps leading to the incident and the recovery process

Compliance Monitoring (PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, CCPA)

  • Determining which security regulations and policies are relevant to your business
  • Examining your security architecture against relevant security policies to make sure you are compliant

Whether you prefer a hosted or co-managed solution, we can help you execute your security strategy and make sure you are always ahead of threats and malicious actors.

To find out more about our Managed Security Service, email us at or call us at +1-844-838-4422

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