Mobile Security Assessment

Mobile Application Security & Device Assessment Services for All Organizations.

The past few years have seen an exponential increase in the number of mobile applications being used at the enterprise level. It is no longer reasonable to expect employees not to use their mobile devices for business purposes, which means that in the coming years, more and more critical company data will be accessed by users on their mobile phones. While this has made communication easier, it has also created new data-security issues. Mobile application developers now need to be more careful than ever to make sure their applications provide in-built defenses against external attacks and are security hardened. Additionally, organizations allowing company data to be accessed via mobile devices need to devise and implement strict device management and authorization policies.

EthicalHat provides mobile application security assessment and device management assessment services to organizations of all sizes.

    Mobile Application Security Assessment

    Our application security assessment service includes conducting source code reviews, making sure the application’s authentication methods are designed for maximum security, checking for unsecured communication and weaknesses in encryption models used (we recommend end-to-end encryption), and conducting integration testing to:

    1. Identify which other apps the application being tested communicates with
    2. Make sure that the flow of data to and from third-party apps is secure and does not allow any leakage.

    We use a selection of tools to conduct automated scans of your application(s) to check for vulnerabilities at different points during application development, production and post-release.

    Mobile Device Management Assessment

    Mobile device management (MDM) is programme that allows IT, officials, to manage, secure and execute policies on smartphones, tablets, and other endpoints. The main objective of MDM is to optimize the functionality and security of mobile devices while protecting the corporate network.

    We help organizations with endpoint management and make sure their Mobile Device Management (MDM) policies have been formulated with security as a priority and are being implemented properly. If you use an MDM software, we can help you configure it for maximum security to prevent data leakage or loss and check for any weaknesses in authentication and authorization processes. If you are using a third-party management server, we can assess it for vulnerabilities and identify non-compliance issues.

    Benefits of Mobile Security Assessment


    We help you to quickly identify the loops in mobile application security before any damage happens.

    Complete Guidance

    Ethicalhat gives you complete guidance on how to deal with future vulnerabilities to enhance your mobile application security

    Cost Effective

    SWe serve businesses with cost-effective security procedures that help them to save on full-time security and compliance assessment team

    Need Immediate Assistance?

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