Network Audit

EthicalHat’s Network Auditing Service is designed to collect and assess data about the (1) security, (2) availability, and (3) overall performance of an organization’s network. We recommend regular network audits to make sure your network is running at its optimum capacity with minimal downtime, that the data passing through it is well protected, and that you are in compliance with all internal and external regulatory policies. Our review covers an examination of each node of the network; a close look at network control, security and monitoring processes; and an assessment of the factors that ensure network availability at all times.

Our Process

Getting to know your network architecture

We start with getting to know your network architecture by talking to your network administrators and looking closely at each of your network components including the laptops, PCs and mobile devices connected to it in addition to routers, switches, printers, and storage devices. We also examine the type of data that flows through the network and check to see if any of the components listed above are out of use and no longer necessary.

Reviewing your network

After examining each of the organization’s network components, our network engineers dig deeper and monitor the network traffic and data flow throughout the day. This is followed by a configuration check that involves making sure that each of the network devices and applications is configured correctly. Our engineers also look at what is known as the “data error rate” and try to determine ways to improve data transmission reliability. Additionally, they examine network-connected systems including devices, machines, and servers for configuration errors and usage patterns.

Analyzing the data collected and preparing the audit report

In the final step, our engineers analyze all the data that they’ve collected during the previous steps and prepare a comprehensive audit report that includes:

  • A list of network errors and anomalies and the remediation steps to fix these
  • Recommended changes in device configuration settings to make the network setup more secure
  • An analysis of internal and external security compliance requirements and what more is needed for the organization to achieve compliance.

We recommend periodic audits and health checkups of your network infrastructure to ensure optimal performance, risk minimization and protection from threats.

To find out more about our Network Audit Service, email us at [email protected] or call us at +1-844-838-4422

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