Network Audit

On-time Network Audit Services to Access Security Data and performance of your organization

Network auditing is the common measures done to analyse, study and gather data about a network to determine its health following the network/business necessities. EthicalHat’s Network Auditing Service is designed to collect and assess data about the:

  1. Security
  2. Availability
  3. Overall performance of an organization’s network

We recommend regular network audits to make sure your network is running at its optimum capacity with minimal downtime, that the data passing through it is well protected, and that you comply with all internal and external regulatory policies. 

Our review covers an examination of each node of the network; a close look at network control, security and monitoring processes; and an assessment of the factors that ensure network availability at all times.

    Our Process

    Network Security Audit Features


    Testing methodolody is planned, based on the complete study of network and it’s components.


    Network penetration testers indetifies the vulnerabilities and other security issues in the network.


    Suggestions have been provided to the team about the vulnerabilities and remediations to keep the security scaled.


    Complete assistance and support is given to the client’s technical team to perform the security recommendations.

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