Network Penetration Testing

EthicalHat’s Network Penetration Testing Service is designed to test both your internal and external networks for security holes that may leave your IT infrastructure vulnerable to cyber attacks. As part of the test, we run automated vulnerability scans to spot exploitable weaknesses in your network, followed by targeted attacks carried out in a controlled, non-disruptive manner. The attacks simulation helps us assess the effectiveness of your cybersecurity and defense strategy, and make recommendations to strengthen your security posture. While we conduct network security assessments for both internal and external networks, the penetration tests are designed for external networks and focus on internet-exposed assets, applications, and devices.

Our Process

Identifying target assets and planning the attack

The first stage of the test process involves understanding your requirements, your business, and IT environment, and identifying all network-connected assets to be tested. This information is used to plan the attack.

Information gathering

Stage two is when our pen test team uses a range of OSINT tools to find exploitable weaknesses in your network. We gather all the information we need to carry out a successful network attack simulation. This includes external IP addresses, credential leak information available online, the domains you use and misconfigured servers.

Enumeration and vulnerability scanning

We then run a range of vulnerability scans on your network to find the vulnerabilities in your environment and plan the attack. We enumerate domains, subdomains and directories, open ports, and exploitable vulnerabilities in your IT environment and apps.

Implementing the attack

Stage 4 is when we implement the actual attack based on the information collected in the previous phase of the test. We try to exploit the vulnerabilities we found to break into your network and information systems. The attack is carried out under controlled conditions using white hat techniques.

Preparing the test report

We then analyze your security system’s response to the attack, assess the effectiveness of your intrusion prevention systems, and prepare a comprehensive report detailing our test team’s observations, analysis, and recommendations. The report includes information about vulnerabilities detected, our attack methodology, a description and analysis of your attack preparedness, and actionable recommendations to strengthen your defenses against external attacks.

To find out more about our Network Penetration Testing Service, email us at [email protected] or call us at +1-844-838-4422

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