PCI Compliance

Any business that takes the major credit cards is required to meet the PCI Data Security Standard in order to keep the customers’ credit card data secure. EthicalHat Security offers two important services to ensure that your business complies the PCI DSS:

PCI Gap Assessment

First, we conduct a PCI gap assessment to identify any gaps in your business’s PCI DSS compliance. Most businesses are not fully PCI compliant from the start, and EthicalHat serves as a qualified, objective third party to find and evaluate any vulnerabilities in your technology and procedures that could jeopardize your customers’ card data. This is done by creating a Data Flow Diagram and identifying the points at which cardholder data enters the system; where it is processed, stored, and transmitted; and where it may be at risk. After pointing out any PCI DSS requirements that have not been met, our specialists will present you on with a step-by-step plan detailing the most effective ways to close all your compliance gaps, while still giving you some options based on your business’s needs. This service will save you time and money and enable you to meet the PCI requirements and ensure maximum payment card data security.

Qualified Security Assessor

Second, EthicalHat has partnered with Qualified Security Assessment companies, which are authorized by the PCI Security Standards Council to perform an annual PCI audit for your business. Our QSA partners will create a prioritized risk assessment to inform you of any remaining data security issues with your systems, infrastructure, policies and procedures. They will also issue a compliance report to certify your compliance with the bank you are partnered with. This will verify that your business has taken the necessary steps to secure your environment for customer transactions, to protect their data from being compromised.

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