Incorporated in 2011, PhishMe was developed by an experienced team of penetration testers, social engineering experts, abuse management experts, incident response, and forensics investigators. They are the leading provider of threat management for organizations who susceptible to advanced targeted attacks. PhishMe focuses on elimination of spear phishing attacks. 91% of attacks start with spear phishing, and numerous high-profile breaches eliminate from a single phish. The incident usually spans hundreds of days, and PhishMe solves the problem of disrupting the core of an adversary’s attack chain. This is a real-time solution.

PhishMe Simulator
Is designed to change risky employee behavior and to teach them how to spot malicious phishing emails. The simulator immerses employees into simulated phishing scenarios, which directly targets their inboxes. The pre-built training schemes cover click-only, data entry, attachment-based, double barrel, benchmarking, and highly personalized types of attacks. There are additional topic including security awareness, privacy, compliance, password management, wireless security, BYOD, social media, and physical security.


PhishMe Reporter
This is an easily installed email add-on that will allow employees to report a suspicious email from a toolbar in their browser. Reports are tracked, recognizing the users who reported them, and acknowledging the user who sent the report. This is a positive reinforcement, which enhances the employees’ ability to accurately identify future attacks. The employee-reported emails are then sent on to a designated location for incident response teams to prioritize, analyze, and respond to the malicious email.


PhishMe Triage
Seamlessly integrating with network and infrastructure environments, the triage tool has the following capabilities:

    Automatically analyzes suspected phishing email reported by users to determine commonalities in context, and phishing indicators
    Prioritizes reporting based on reputation, reporting volume, and severity
    Leverages anti-malware and URL detonation technologies for additional analysis and contribution to security ratings
    Integration with SOC/IR team workflow related to phishing and malware incidents
    Provides actionable intelligence to increase detection rates

Human-Driven Phishing Intelligence
Phishme uses unique clustering algorithms to sort emails based on a number of factors, and watch for new and emerging threats arising from emails with dangerous links and/or attachments. Once a new threat cluster is discovered, the characteristics are updated and added to the data stores. Payloads are examined to determine the nature of attacks. Campaigns and time-frames are analyzed.

Benefits of Human-Driven Phishing Intelligence are:

    Reliable (no false positives), timely, fresh intelligence data
    Output data is easily input into SIEM or other security products
    Expert threat analysis
    Attack analysis to assist in making timely decisions

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