This is the leading platform for operational intelligence. Splunk is the first enterprise class platform that collects and indexes any data from any environment to help you become more productive, competitive, secure, and profitable. Splunk is easy to search, navigate and interact with data, so you can rapidly analyze, share, and visualize the data to make the best of your technology investments. Reports can be created easily with Splunk, and dashboards are easily understandable. This is real time reporting, and highly scalable, with customizable apps, and user groups to enhance your experience with the product.

Cloud Solutions offer the benefit of software-as-a-service with 100% uptime SLA, scaling to over 10TB/day, and is highly secure


AWS Solutions include AWS CouldTrail, Config, S3, Billing or VPC, Flow Logs. Monitoring analysis of Lambda, Kinesis or IoT.

Splunk Enterprise

splunk enterprises

Splunk Enterprise on AWS is self-contained, perfect for deploying on AWS. It can be deployed on any EC2 instance, without having to wait for provision hardware.

The enterprise solution is available as software or SaaS


Splunk Light is a cloud service for small IT teams to automate log search and analysis. It is very reasonable starting at $90/mo.

Hybrid Visibility Splunk offers centralized visibility across hybrid environments, which enables you to migrate to the cloud, or to avoid the cloud becoming a silo


SIEM in the Cloud can help improve threat identification, risk mitigation, reduce remediation cycle times, and demonstrate regulatory compliance

Splunk Enterprise (SIEM): Why Splunk for Security?

Hunk supports analytics for Hadoop


• Maintaining controls that are primarily signature-based and
• Paying the most attention to the egress points in the
• Collecting logs for compliance and post incident forensics
• Getting smart on the current malware threats
• Finding and removing malware and infections

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