The key for modern applications is accessibility to the Internet. Without access, business is simply on hold. Unfortunately, the Internet can also be the conduit for cyber threats and other malicious activity. New vulnerabilities and advanced malware can bypass traditional firewalls, proxies, IPS and other security controls.

Enterprises are adopting Private and Public Clouds on top of their physical data centers, which are built of multiple vendors and technologies. This leads to a heterogeneous IT and new challenges. In a physical environment, IT has full control via firewalls, but in a public cloud, IT has no visibility since they are outside of the network. Managing security across this heterogeneous environment is a big challenge and also ensuring Compliance & Standardization across all vendors and platforms with auditing, reporting and documenting are also important.

Business Continuity is very important for Security Architects; they need to connect applications across all platforms. This is where the Tufin Orchestration Suite comes up with Unified Security Management across Heterogeneous Environments. This is the very reason EthicalHat teamed up with Tufin. Tufin’s app-centric approach enables one to manage connectivity if heterogeneous apps, push policy changes to relevant groups/firewalls automatically and securely, while remaining agnostic to infrastructure.

Tufin’s single console can manage Unified Security Policy across hybrid cloud & physical networks. Also it can gain Secure Visibility across all Platforms and vendors using SecureTrack. SecureTrack makes it easy to view policies. Whenever a new change is made on any monitored devices, SecureTrack pulls a new policy revision from the device. SecureTrack can also generate topology of the whole network with all the monitored devices. This makes it easy to understand the traffic flow, policy analysis, security report, and compliance policies etc. SecureTrack’s Automatic Policy Generator automatically identifies overly permissive rules and creates a replacement set of more strict rules

Tufin Orchestration Suite provides a holistic solution by creating a single Unified Security Policy that enables managing each firewall based on its capabilities, providing the perfect solution to securing private, public, and hybrid cloud systems. With advanced network analysis methods such as deep packet inspection and working seamlessly with next-generation firewalls as well as traditional service-oriented firewalls, Tufin enables real-time updating and monitoring of the holistic network and firewall topology, making it the ideal choice for handling the complex multifaceted maintenance of modern networks.

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