Red Team Assessment

A Red Team Assessment is designed to test all aspects of an organization’s cybersecurity posture not just by looking for vulnerabilities in its IT infrastructure but also by assessing its attack readiness and response capabilities. This is accomplished via attempts to access the organization’s critical assets using tactics like social engineering, penetration testing, phishing, security breaches, etc. 

EthicalHat’s Red Team Assessment service includes a range of simulated cyber attacks to test the people, processes, and technology that make up your cybersecurity program. As part of the assessment, our security analysts try to breach the defenses you have in place to get to your protected assets and data to prepare a comprehensive assessment report that helps you fill the gaps in your security strategy.

Our Process

Understanding your environment and establishing objectives

Our security team starts by understanding your business and IT environment and determining if the white box or black box testing would better serve your needs. In planning the assessment and establishing objectives, we prioritize the threats that are most relevant to your business or that may be the most severe in terms of the potential damage they can cause.

Attack simulation and gaining access

We use various OSINT tools to conduct an initial reconnaissance and scan your systems and applications for known vulnerabilities. The intelligence gathered as part of the recon, in addition to social engineering and similar strategies, is then used to gain access to your environment. This is the stage where we try to simulate different kinds of real-world cyber attacks to try to breach your defenses.

Analyzing results and preparing the test report

Stage 3 is when our security analysts carefully analyze their observations during the attack simulation stage and prepare a comprehensive report detailing the major security risks to your business and the gaps in your defense strategy. Our deliverables include two reports:

  • An analysis report that includes all the information about the assessment process, the attacks carried out and the risks and weaknesses found 
  • An executive report that includes our recommendations for strengthening your defenses against attacks and breaches.

To find out more about our Red Team Assessment, email us at [email protected] or call us at +1-844-838-4422

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