Risk Assessment

EthicalHat’s Information Security Risk Management services are designed to manage the security risks and threats to your organization, while also making sure you are complying with the security standards and regulations relevant to your business.

Some of the services we provide as part of our Risk Management offering are:

  • Assessing information security risks
  • Centralizing information security management
  • Implementing relevant security standards and controls
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your security policy

What is covered under a Risk Assessment?

  • Security Policy and Network Security Design review
  • Identifying the scope of Information Security Management
  • Coming up with a Statement of Applicability (SoA) for Information Security Controls
  • A review of relevant controls
  • Preparing a report on your Information Security Management based on observations and findings
  • Preparing a report that includes recommendations for closing security gaps and the implementation of security standards and controls
  • Implementing the changes suggested in the final report

Our Process

Information security risk today is one of the biggest and most serious risks organizations need to contend with. EthicalHat’s Risk Assessment service is focused on the following major action areas:

  • Detecting the threats to your IT environment and data that could cause major damage to your company, disrupt the smooth functioning of your business and compromise critical assets and information.
  • Determining if these threats can turn into real security incidents based on security incident trends, inputs by those most familiar with your business, and historical precedent.
  • Classifying and prioritizing the services and assets under threat based on importance and sensitivity.
  • Coming up with an estimate of the scale of damage and losses that your business could suffer if any of the threats identified results in a real incident.
  • Working on an action plan to mitigate or eliminate these risks. The plan usually includes controls and steps that relate to all three pillars to information security management – people, processes and technology.
  • Preparing a final document / report that includes the assessors’ findings, recommendations, and actionable steps for strengthening your defenses.

To find out more about our Risk Assessment Service, email us at info@ethicalhat.com or call us at +1-844-838-4422

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