Security Hardening

EthicalHat offers a wide variety of Security Hardening services to cover your Servers, Desktops and Laptops, Databases, Firewalls and Routers, and your Point of Sale systems. The hardening services follow Best Practices, and regulatory standards as required by the agencies which put them in place. Hardening involves auditing, and eliminating vulnerabilities on your system. Hardening involves disabling default passwords, patch implementation, removal of unnecessary or conflicting software, disabling unnecessary services, and removal of unnecessary user accounts and passwords. Patching applies to all software on the client’s system, and can be done manually or by the use of tools or scripts.

Standards Procedure Policy

Our Methodology
EthicalHat will determine your security posture, and what needs to be updated, whether in regard to firewalls, routers, switches, anti-malware, anti-spam, and other layered security devices and software. Should updates or other software and devices need to be replaced, EthicalHat will provide a comprehensive outline for remediation of issues.

Below are the Operating Systems or Databases Covered under this Service

EthicalHat has experience hardening Microsoft Server 2012, Microsoft Server 2016, Linux, Unix, AS/400. System i and hybrid systems. Server hardening involves implementation of encryption of communications, finding solutions to limit insecure protocols, elimination of unnecessary software, enabling security patches, checking password complexity requirements, partitioning, Group Policy and Active Directory reviews, lockout policies and user audits, disabling unnecessary services, backup solutions, and more.

Windows Server



Desktop and Laptop
Hardening is available for Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu, and MAC OSX Services include setting up automatic patching, password audits, anti-virus and anti-spyware solutions, email scanning software (like PhishMe), user training, shutting down and eliminating unnecessary software, disabling unused user accounts, lock and shut down controls, review of remote access controls, and safe browsing solutions. As with the server description, this is a limited list of the comprehensive services offered by EthicalHat to harden desktops and laptops.


mac osx Windows 10

EthicalHat offers database hardening for MS SQL, MongoDB, PostgresSQL, DB2 and Oracle. Database hardening involves patching database software, providing backup solutions (cloud, local, and offsite), review of customer facing interfaces for elimination of SQL Poisoning or Injection attempts, removal of unnecessary user accounts and passwords, password complexity, and secure code review.

MongoDB-LogoPostgres SQL 

Firewalls and Routers
A full review and auditing of firewall and router rules are necessary to keep any network safe. It is easy to add rules that conflict, or reach the top limits of rules allowed. It is necessary to audit the rules on a regular basis to determine the best way to re-write rules for maximum effectiveness. EthicalHat has experience in auditing and resolving rule issues that can leave your network in an unsafe status. With EthicalHat reviewing your rules, you can sleep well at night knowing that you are protected appropriately.


Point of Sales
EthicalHat has proven experience with POS systems. Hardening can include review of VPN protocols on the router, removal of a POS from the internet, endpoint protection, and interface with the corporate office server.

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