According to Microsoft, more than 200,000 organizations worldwide use SharePoint for their content management, sharing, and storage today. The platform allows users to manage their data in an easy, flexible manner and provides a range of security configuration options. The greater the amount of data you are managing, the more overwhelming it gets to understand and manage the tool’s security settings and prevent data leakages.

EthicalHat’s SharePoint Security Assessment service is designed to help organizations smoothly navigate SharePoint’s security features and make sure their critical data remains secure. Our team of experts assess business requirements, long-term goals and strategize with you to get the most value from your technology.

With the unique requirements, the clients have, we design the best assessment services which involves checking your SharePoint deployment is directly in line with the security needs of your business.

    Three-step Process


    It helps to discover or gather statistics by installing the assessment tool in your Sharepoint system to access custom codes and find leakages into the security measures.


    The team then analyzes the security of the data by applying rules models and rules and uploading reports on the cloud.


    Once the analysis has done, the recommendation report is prepared to provide the client with the relevant measures and cost-effective procedures.

    We use a selection of scanning tools to mainly conduct the checks

    • Check which SharePoint version is in use and if it is updated
    • Analyze the security configuration settings

    • Check default permissions for SharePoint _layouts, _catalogs and forms and reduce the use of item-level permissions as far as possible

    • Conduct a user enumeration

    • Perform an in-depth architecture review

    • Make sure that anonymous sharing is disabled

    • Check, if all the data is clearly classified

    • Check the security settings under the SharePoint Online Admin Center and Security

    • Carry out a penetration test to detect vulnerabilities in permissions, web services, version numbers, etc.

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