SOC Design

Our assistance helps you set up your own Security Operations Centre.

EthicalHat provides SOC Design services to organizations requiring to build and manage their own in-house Security Operations Centers. Our seasoned security practitioners have decades of experience in creating and managing effective, state-of-the-art SOC centers and can help you zero-in on the SOC setup cost and management ideal for your business. 

We design the SOC services considering the nature of your business and organization requirements. Our main goal is to provide the best and cost-effective services to the clients.

Why Us?

As part of our SOC design service, we also offer (customizable) training to your security analysts and administrators, to help them better understand and prioritize their core responsibilities, ensuring they all are staffed with the right skill set to deal with all possible threats to your organization. With guidance, they gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively use the SIEM tools you choose to install. We also focus on the implementation of the right Standard Operating Procedures. Additionally, we provide consultation services to organizations with established Security Operations Centers that need an upgrade.

    Our Process

    Our Features

    We will work closely with your business and IT teams to understand your security requirements. Our experts can help you with making the choice for developing the SOC.


    Configuring your chosen set of security automation tools to minimize false positives and for the best possible use of your analysts’ time.

    Choice of Tools

    We choose the most suitable SIEM tools that will work best for your organization.

    Defining Roles

    Defining roles and responsibilities for SOC analysts, administrators, and managers.


    Identifying your network perimeter and putting in place both physical and logical segmentation.

    Need Immediate Assistance?

    To find out more about our SOC Design service, email us at or call us at +1-844-838-4422

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