Source Code Review

Identify and Fix the security vulnerabilit issues in your application

EthicalHat provides customized secure code review services to help you identify and fix security vulnerabilities in your application at the development stage. A number of security loopholes in both web and mobile apps originate right when the code is being written and developers either ignore or are unaware of secure coding practices. A secure code review is perhaps a better investment of your time and resources than penetration testing is and can help you fix basic flaws when it is still quick and easy to do so, and before any major damage has been done. While a number of app development companies use automated solutions to scan their code, these tools are often not adequate to detect and address all security issues in application code.

Our code review team has years of experience both creating applications and conducting secure code reviews. We use a combination of automated and manual reviews to find and suggest fixes for coding errors that may eventually lead to serious security issues.


    Our review methods are designed to inspect the loops in your application code. Thus, no compromises are made while deployment of the application.

    The reviewers are expert in securing cruicial data storage and suggest solutions for your coders that has more detailed checks to find all instances of common vulnerabilities.

    The Source Code Review Advantage

    Quick Results

    Easily and quickly inspect flaws with the code analysis at the root level.

    Deep Analysis

    Analyze the complete code structure of the web application to find out the root of security issues.

    Overcome Limitations

    Finds insecure configurations and weak spots to detect attack platforms.

    Detailed Reports

    A detailed report is given, which includes the strengths and weaknesses of the application code.

    Provide Solutions

    We also provide our clients with code level solutions to keep the applications protected.

    Meet Standards

    We satisfy the compliance standards including PCI DSS standards.

    Need Immediate Assistance?

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