Technical Risk Assessments

Security Architecture and Configuration Reviews

EthicalHat can conduct a Security Configuration and Architecture Review to let you know if your network architecture and configurations comport with the highest security standards. We will thoroughly examine your network topology, servers, routers, workstations, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other components of your security architecture to identify any weak points that could compromise data security. Once any potential security issues have been identified, EthicalHat’s specialists will instruct you on how to eliminate these weaknesses. In addition, we will properly configure any components of your infrastructure in accordance with your business and security needs.

Following a Security Architecture and Configuration Review conducted by EthicalHat Security, you should be confident that:

– your infrastructure is inaccessible without proper authorization
– the configurations of your servers, firewalls, and other components comply with the industry’s highest security standards
– your firewalls and intrusion detection systems will prevent or detect any attempts at unauthorized access
– your architecture and configuration have no exploitable weak points



Secure Code Review

A Secure Code Review is a thorough audit of your software that will identify any and all vulnerabilities in the code that could compromise data security. The wide majority of cyber attacks succeed by exploiting insecure applications, and nearly all applications that do not undergo a secure code review contain multiple Code Reviewvulnerabilities that could pose a serious threat to data security. EthicalHat’s code review service includes that necessary security controls for your applications are both present in all the right parts of the code and are properly functional. The secure code review is conducted through a prioritized approach involving both automated security checks and expert human review. While the automated check will broadly cover the entire bulk of the code and identify potential issues, the human expert is necessary to verify that each of the automated results is a real security issue and to ensure that the issue is resolved. Our specialists will also cover any blind spots that the automated process cannot detect.

With a secure code review from EthicalHat, you can rest easy knowing that your software defends against unauthorized infiltration and other malicious activity.

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