Telecom Security Assessment

Security Assessment Solutions for Telecom and Network Sectors

The Telecom sector has grown rapidly. With the extensive growth and the addition of various network services, the threat of compromising security has also grown. The need for expansion of the telecom industry overlooked the security issues. With the sensitive nature of data collection by the telecom service provider, it becomes critical to adopt and implement and highly secure cyber strategy.

As the security of the telecom sector has become quite a challenge. The trained team of Security professionals can do the task efficiently. Our experience with the telecom sector has unveiled that while there are a variety of security issues – cost-feasible steps can be found to address them.

EthicalHat provides a range of telecom and network security assessment solutions to detect and address weaknesses in your mobile network infrastructure, data flow, physical environment, third-party vendor security and standards compliance. The proficiency with the years of experience delivers the best outcomes for the businesses.

    Our Assessments Include

    What EthicalHat has to offer?

    Network Component Evaluation

    Designed to evaluate the network configuration component from the core to keep the security methods aligned.

    SIM Application Testing

    This covers the identification of the security weakness of the application residing on the SIM card.

    LTE Architecture Audit

    Analyzes and verifies the complete architecture and identifies the network element by focusing on security architecture.

    Periodic Checks

    Our team of experts does periodic checks to detect vulnerability issues and threats.

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