Xstore Security Assessment

Based on some security stats from Symantec:

  • In 2012, credit card and debit card fraud resulted in losses amounting to $11.27 billion.
  • In January 2014 alone, a single cyber-attack exposed more than 105 million identities.

To steal this data, one option is to target the point at which a retailer first acquires that card data – the Point-of-Sale (PoS) system.

As a strategic leader of the companies (including the CIOs/CISOs) you would wonder:

  • Are your POS devices secure from growing advent of breaches
  • Are your devices and network in compliance with the regulatory standards such as PCI.

Our experts at EthicalHat Security Systems are committed to provide you with a holistic POS application suite installation and configuration. We will ensure the various security aspects are managed and implemented. Whether you are in the business of retail, restaurants, hotels or casinos, we address your customized needs and make it a priority to satisfy your security concerns.

Micros-Retail Xstore Point of Sale Application is trending to be one of the main choices for retailers. Ethical Hat provides customized service which is designed to address these concerns and also give a snapshot of how well Xstore applications are installed and secured. Whether you implemented a component or a comprehensive suite package of MicrosRetail Xstore, Ethical Hat will provide a customized solution to ensure your end to end compliance and security. EthicalHat supports not just the latest versions of Xstore suite (such as version 6.0) but also supports older versions (such as 5.5/ 5.0/4.8/4.5/3.5) which have been implemented by majority of the industry. Our team of experts have also assisted major retailers in upgrading their POS applications from TradeWind software running on WindowsXP to Xstore software running on Windows 7.

Our customized solution offers

  1. End to end security testing
  2. Guaranteed PCI compliance
  3. Comprehensive view of network bandwidth
  4. PA-DSS compliant customization
  5. Develop and review policies for enhanced protection
  6. Key Management
  7. Store level penetration test from front end to back end
  8. Mobile device application support

We ensure that your security ecosystem maps with your other security devices and products and gives you a holistic view of your security environment.

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